POTOMAC STRING QUARTET: "Classical Music Bridging All Occasions"
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Print this form to begin planning your wedding music.  When your selection is ready, please complete the form on-line and submit it to Potomac String Quartet.

We request that you think about your music well in advance, especially if you are asking the quartet to obtain and learn new music.  Final music selections are subject to the music director's review, but we will make every effort to fill special requests.

Client Name:
Client Email:
Wedding Date:
Procession Start Time:
Number of Mothers/Grandmothers:
Number of Bridesmaids:
Number of Groomsmen:
Ring Bearer:
Flower Girl(s):
Who processes just before Bride?
If you do not want PSQ to select Prelude music, please list specific music (in order)
Mothers/Grandmothers Seating Music (optional, if not during Prelude):
Bridesmaids Processional Music:
Bride Processional Music:
Cue to begin Recessional (e.g., kiss, announcement):
Other Ceremony Music/When?
Recessional Music:

Items to Consider:
Someone will need to cue the quartet several minutes before the seating of the mothers/grandmothers.  This is usually just before the bridesmaids processional, so after the mothers/grandmothers are seated, we will begin the next music for the bridesmaids.
It is useful for us to have a copy of your ceremony in advance, even if you e-mail us a draft.  This is particularly helpful for complex services in a place of worship.
Don't hesitate to contact us while you are planning to verify whether we will be able to play a particular selection.
Thank you!